Catering to the most professional, and elite social circles in the entire World. Billion Dollar Introduction is the Top Matchmaking Agency Worldwide, Billion Dollar Introduction is for those accustomed to excellence. As the World’s Most Exclusive Matchmaking Agency we provide convenient services for our members globally. Specializing in private matchmaking, catering to a select group of refined, successful, and relationship oriented clients. Our distinctive standards ensure that you always experience the quality you have come to expect in a world-class service, when working with our Matchmakers. Our goal is to make life more peaceful, balanced, and meaningful for our clients. “We Have Perfected The Art Of Finding Life Partners for the World’s Most Exceptional People”



A man of your character and caliber doesn’t have trouble meeting women. Our purpose, as professional matchmakers, is to introduce you to the right woman. To take care of the complexities of a new and blooming relationship. We will focus on the alchemy of a couple, ensuring a relationship will be founded on chemistry, attraction, trust, and mutual adoration.

From the moment you first sit down with us, your life will instantly begin to change for the better. In our professional and supportive environment, you will find we are as invested in you falling in love as you are. 

Our team wants you and the woman of your dreams to be head over heels in love with each other. We are your frontline to an easier, happier, healthier, and more successful personal life.

This is an exclusive and private dating service, we charge a significant fee to both men and women who are serious about finding true love.



A woman who’s healthy in mind, body and soul, someone who’s ready for an exclusive committed relationship with one of our eligible bachelors. You are well-suited for our network if  you are ready to meet an exceptional partner: high-caliber, commitment-minded and a quality man who brings as much to the relationship as you do.

If you’re an incredible woman — who is feminine, sophisticated, intelligent, educated, beautiful inside and out, emotionally ready and committed to finding true love. We encourage women of all ages, ethnicities and religions to submit, and we welcome submissions from all over the world. You never know where our search will lead, who will be right for one of our clients, and where we might find her. Finally, and most importantly, we strongly encourage you to put a lot of thought and care into your application, as it will be the 1st way that we get to know you and see if you are a fit for us, or one of our clients. It should convey just how amazing you truly are.

This is an exclusive and private dating service, we charge both men and women, however we do allow a very small amount of eligible women to join our database for free, (In order to qualify for this you must vouched for by one of our active VIP clients.)


If you would like to be part of the most prestigious matchmaking team in the world, we have the perfect job for you! Get paid to socialize, and help other beautiful women find their prince charming.

You are perfect for the position if you are always out and about, and you enjoy networking and meeting new people.

Recruit for us at black tie events, fashion shows, upscale lounges, restaurants, trendy salons, anywhere beautiful women can be.

Our male clients are handsome, respectful with great values, and also wealthy yet humble, intelligent and commitment minded — submit an application below to be a part of our team.






During Intake our matchmaking experts conduct in-person Client assessments and interviews to ascertain what type of partner and relationship dynamic will be most compatible for the Client. We learn from your personal history – your likes, dislikes, and what has and hasn’t worked for you in past relationships – as well as what is best for you. We get to know each individual on a very personal level.


We develop Client-approved Benchmarks, which outline the Client’s preferences and deal breakers. Benchmark phase includes exploring as many as 110 key personal, professional, and social indicators. The purpose of the Benchmarks is to focus the scope of the search, but not to constrain it. As relationship experts, Billion Dollar Introduction matchmakers are trained to identify the potential compatibility of a couple beyond the obvious indicators. These Benchmarks are a “living document” and will evolve as the search process continues.


Billion Dollar Introduction matchmakers and Candidate relations experts conduct personal interviews to screen, and carefully examine each match. During Vetting, Candidates undergo the same comprehensive assessment that our Clients do, and are only selected if they have maximum compatibility. This Vetting process also allows matchmakers to evaluate factors like personality, values, emotional availability, body language, and physical appearance that would be lost in an online experience.



First Advice is to SMILE! And if not for the camera, then do it for the sake of your marriage. According to studies it has been shown that those who flashed their pearly whites more often in photographs had a higher martial success rate compared to those frowning Debbie Downers. He also says that those who smile more frequently usually have a larger network of friends, which helps keep a marriage healthy. Researchers gathered old college photos of people and rated their smile intensity from one to 10. 

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Being Too Picky

Meeting your mate, a matter of stage in life…or simply hair color? We notice certain aspects of dating and mating that seem to make or break a match that clicks and lasts. Take for example a new client–we’ll call him Rickie–a sharp, nice-looking professional and single dad whose gotten so disgusted with dull dates that, at the age of 45, he’s ready to turn his dating life over to the pros. Yes, it’s time for Rickie to surrender to the matchmaking gods..or goddesses, as the case may be! Contrary to urban legend that goes 

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Cut The Small Talk

How many times have you been on a date with someone you really wanted to know, but the chemistry just wasn’t there? Maybe you were nervous or your date never really opened up. You were two attractive, accomplished people with similar life goals, so what gives? It’s more than likely that the reason you weren’t able to connect with your date was something so unbearably simple it has eluded even the most experienced daters for centuries: the conversation was bad. There. We said it. It’s not that you’re a bad person  

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Mixed Signals

Take the example of a recent match-up in which a pair meets for coffee and end up in his car necking and groveling like two high school students. It went from hot and heavy with sparks flying to stone cold and going nowhere fast. Women don’t give men enough encouragement, of their interest or lack thereof. Some women feel that to be feminine they need to wait for the man to call. But the message we, as matchmakers, want to get across to women, is that men need a “green light” in order to call and not risk being 

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Biggest Mistakes Men Make

Men are you wondering why women are not responding to your request for a second date? Here are some dating tips for why they might not be available to see you and my best matchmaking advice for finding love and dating women. Being self absorbed, having a one way conversation about yourself, and not taking an interest in your date is not appealing. Bragging -have you ever tried to over impress your date with how wonderful you are? Telling women how much you make in high dollar figures, your large home,

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Biggest Mistakes Women Make

An excerpt from a Glamour article was sent to me by a friend of mine who thought addressing the subject matter may help a friend of hers who seems to be in a perpetual cycle of bad dates and dead-end romances. This is not the only girl I know with this problem. Another friend of mine could easily swing an “A” on a college exam, but can’t seem to make it past the third date with a guy. Keep the drinks to a minimum and your mouth zipped. Mystery is one of the keys to attractiveness. Beauty and brains are not the 

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