How to Marry a Millionaire


Mother always said it’s just as easy to love a rich man as a poor man. But in many women’s eyes it’s easier. So if you are looking for ways to meet the millionaire of your dreams read on….

Besides being nice and donating your time you might even meet a fabulous successful single man on this venture.

#1 Get an education. The affluent value a good education and if you want to make a man fall in love with you, be able to talk about current events and the arts. It’s not all about looks. Haven’t you ever seen a woman with a great guy and thought, how in the world did she get him? Now you know!

#2 While you’re in school take some classes on business. Pay attention and learn how to run a company. The successful are very interested in money obviously, that’s why they have it. If you can discuss business and finances, you can peak his interest. It’s never to late to go back to school!

#3 Take an interest in politics because that’s where the money is. Volunteer to help with the next future president or senator.

#4 Volunteer to help at a fundraiser. It’s fun to work at the silent auction table or check people in. Besides being nice and donating your time you might even

#5 Be prepared! You never know if today is the day you’ll walk out and meet Prince Charming. Go to a good salon for a great haircut and color. Get regular facials, and always have a great manicure and pedicure. Work out daily and if you need to lose weight do it. Stay slim to attract his attention. Look your best every day!

#6 Dress to impress. Shop wisely and don’t dress sleazy. There’s a way to dress sexy but classy and that’s want you want to achieve. Hire a wardrobe consultant if you have to, but get rid of any trashy clothes. Millionaires are not usually going to marry a woman that looks like a stripper!

#7 You’ve got to go and be where the single millionaire men are. Go to lunch, dinner and fundraisers at places that have the types of men you want to meet. If you live in a crappy area, find a roommate and move to the good side of town.

#8 Last but not least, sign up with a reputable matchmaking agency. If you do take this step listen to what your matchmaker tells you to do. Meet the men she picks out for you. And if you meet a successful man that likes you, give him a chance. Unless you’ve dated many single millionaire men he might seem odd to you. He could be more confident, busy at work and might not call you as much as you’re used to. Get to know him, make a friend and show him what a great girl you are. Above all else do not sleep with him before you get to know him very well! If you do join our service it will be much easier. So take your millionaire matchmaker’s advice and you’ll date successful single men and one that you will fall in love with.

#Just remember that beauty is a depreciating asset, in order for you to be able to keep Prince Charming, you will understand that regardless of your beauty you need to bring something else to the table, men don’t just want a beautiful woman they can show off, they also want someone, that they can connect with emotionally, mentally and physically. Someone that has a great personality and that has something interesting to talk about and also that they are passionate about what they do. Looks can only get you in the door, at the end what will keep him, is what is on the inside.



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