Meeting your mate, a matter of stage in life…or simply hair color?

We notice certain aspects of dating and mating that seem to make or break a match that clicks and lasts. Take for example a new client–we’ll call him Rickie–a sharp, nice-looking professional and single dad whose gotten so disgusted with dull dates that, at the age of 45, he’s ready to turn his dating life over to the pros. Yes, it’s time for Rickie to surrender to the matchmaking gods..or goddesses, as the case may be! Contrary to urban legend that goes something like this: all men under the age of 50 are looking for 25 year-olds. This is not the case with Rickie, my friends! He’s looking to meet lovelies up to 40, five years younger than him. So far so good. I’m already predicting great success for this reasonable and enlightened fellow. But wait! What’s this about wanting a tallish (and did I mention busty?) blonde who’s no less than hot? No problemo. We have hot 30 and 40-somethings who hit the gym hard and often to keep their rockin’ bodies lean and toned well into their 50’s. We’re talking serious bods! And then he drops the bomb! He’s really not interested in having more babies or is interested in someone who already has children! Okay…that only rules out maybe 95% of the female matchmaking pool under 40, many of whom pray for the day they get to say to a dreamy dad like Rickie: “honey, we’re havin’ a baby!” Hmmm…finding a match in that minuscule 5% under 40 who don’t have and/or want kids along with dozens in their early to mid 40’s should leave us a gaggle to chose from. But left to his own devices, finding “her” might seem like the proverbial needle in the haystack. We decided not to have Rickie join our service unless he was going to be more realistic about the situation and explained why. He later thought about what we told him, and decided to be more open minded. Now he is engaged to an amazing woman who has a beautiful daughter from her previous marriage. They are so in love and he now has changed his mind and would love to have another child with her. As per women, we have noticed that the pickier you are the less chance you will have at finding Mr. Right. Because if you are basing it all on just looks, you will end up with a handsome model who you will later be the one supporting him. Don’t base your search for a soulmate just on looks, remember that looks wear out after a few weeks, its about finding a partner that has similar values as you do, who is ambitious, and who will provide and protect you and treat you like his queen. JOIN NOW
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