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Online daters beware: more options in the dating pool is not always better. While dating sites continue to boast unrealistic percentages of “success,” recent studies suggest the long-term effects of meeting online are actually detrimental to relationships.

Aditi Paul, a PhD candidate at Michigan State University, reviewed answers from 2,923 respondents included in a longitudinal Stanford University study titled, “How Couples Meet and Stay Together” Paul’s research compared rates of separation and marriage for couples who met online versus those who met offline.

According to Paul’s research, 32 percent of unmarried couples broke up during the length of the study compared to 23 percent of offline couples. The trend continued among married couples; a whopping 8 percent of married couples who met online separated or divorced during the study, while only 2 percent of offline couples parted ways.

The most astounding differences, however, were in the statistics related to marriage. While many people claim they turned to online dating for a lasting relationship, only 32 percent of online daters actually reported relationships that resulted in marriage. This number doesn’t seem too bad until you compare it with the whopping 67 percent of people who got married after meeting their partners offline. Simply put: if you want a fling, go ahead and create an online dating profile. If you want a lasting relationship that is, as this study found, 35 percent more likely to result in marriage, matchmaking is probably the choice for you.

Paul believes this discrepancy is due to the massive dating pool available online. While not every match is right for you, pages and pages of potential dates can fool people into believing the “next best thing” is always right around the corner – even if they have already met someone fantastic. This is the fatal flaw with online dating. Couples are not matched based on compatibility – it’s a guessing game everyone is forced to play.

Another study of 1,000 people conducted by Euro RSCG Worldwide discovered lying is also prevalent in online dating profiles, which compounds the problem of judging compatibility online. Catalina Toma from the University of Wisconsin-Madison partnered with Jeffrey Hancock from Cornell University to discover the truth.

People with shorter profiles were much more likely to include dishonest information or attempt to mislead dates. “The less they write, the fewer untrue things they may have to remember and support later,” said Toma.

The most common online lies have to do with physical appearance; weight and height were popular culprits. Online dating is an unreliable platform

Online dating doesn’t come with background checks or compatibility comparisons, and certainly no measure of the chemistry you might have with a potential date. Our matchmaking services don’t put stock in dating algorithms because we know love is a human emotion. Computers simply can’t convey the depth that is required for a real connection.

There are many situations where more is better, but your love life is not one of them. Our matchmakers offer something the other guys don’t: quality. Our dates are pre-screened by a real, live human trained in the art of matchmaking.

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Online Dating Advice

We have heard all the stories from my clients about dating apps and other online services. Sure, the vast and wonderful web has transformed life as we know it over the last decade or two.

And yes, we all know at least one couple whose happily-ever-after-story began “once upon an on-line dating site…”   They found their true love this way, and you can too!

Searching for that perfect pair of shoes or nutritional supplement may be easy, but anyone who’s shopped the web knows it still takes time.

Anything is possible when you let your fingers do the swiping /clicking and join the gazillions of men and women looking for love or who knows what else! Everyone and their brother is out there sitting behind their phone or tablet, waiting and hoping to connect, exchange messages with the hottie of their dreams and even meet her or him for drinks or a coffee somewhere.

Honestly, how many hours, days, months or years have most people spent perched in front of their phones, tablets, and laptops searching, reading, swiping, typing, or even taking screenshots, and clicking till bleary-eyed looking at the screen into the wee hours? Searching for that perfect pair of shoes or nutritional supplement may be easy, but anyone who’s shopped the internet knows it still takes time. Sometimes, it’s faster to run to the store to get what you need for the same price without shipping.

So imagine the challenges and limitations of trying to shop for a human being online or an app! Oftentimes, you’re better off jumping in the car and going someplace where there are real live people walking around! Who knows if they’re married and just not wearing a ring. There’s no guarantee of marital status online either. In fact, statistics say a good percentage of folks posturing themselves on-line are married or already in a relationship,  or just looky-loos with no intention of ever meeting off-line. It’s kind of like window shopping; they’re just looking with no intention to buy.

There is a lot of people who are putting up pictures of someone else, and if/when you meet them, they look nothing like their  pictures. (You have been Catfished?) No one has met these people face to face and anyone can be anyone they want to be online and they have nobody that will make them accountable for their actions online, or outside of it. With our service we have met everybody face to face, so you would not have to worry about that.

They say time is money, so considering the sheer tonnage of time wasted on-line, how much have you spent and how much is your time worth? When you’re ready for a selective and far more dignified approach, swap out your fingers for a real live matchmaker to guide you along a faster, smoother path to meeting your mate. You will wonder why you didn’t turn to the experts sooner!

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