“I’m convinced that about half of what separated the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance.”

-Steve Jobs


The Apple Empire dominates the tech world even today, so we couldn’t help but wonder, if Steve Jobs was right about what makes an entrepreneur successful. But what if this same concept was applied to relationships? Our matchmakers believe perseverance is part of what sets successful relationships apart from failed ones. From the time spent looking for that date to the actual hurdles that come between even the closest of partners, cool heads and a lot of patience are necessary to persevere as a couple. Replace the word “entrepreneurs” with the word “relationships,” and you can see how Jobs’ wisdom can be applied in your own life. So, what other love lessons can you learn from the tech visionary?


Promote Your Best Qualities. Jobs developed an entire marketing concept for his products based on clean, simple designs that highlighted the unique aspects of his products. Think out of the box. When you’re out on a date, don’t stick with conversation about the weather. Instead, come up with a few stand-out points that make you unique and highlight your best qualities.


Live in the Future. Jobs was a notorious futurist; his goal was to think bigger than what just exists in the now. Think about what you want tomorrow and pursue that goal like it’s already yours. Billion Dollar Introduction’s professional matchmaking services help clients look to the future and envision a life with someone who has been selected based on compatibility.


Learn from Prototypes. Jobs was a believer in developing prototypes for everything. The hardware, software and business models were extensively researched and tested before anything ever hit the shelf. Think of your past relationships as prototypes. Identify why previous relationships did not work out and fix the problem in Relationship 4.0.


Work with the Experts. Apple worked with I.M. Pai to design their NeXT logo and even recruited Mickey Drexler from the Gap to their board. Jobs did this because he knew he had to work with the best in the industry to create a business that lasts. Relationships are no different. For the best results, you need to evaluate who you want on your team. Upscale executive matchmakers at Billion Dollar Introduction we act as your own personal wingman to create a professional dating experience complete with expert advice.


We also live by Steve Jobs’ philosophies. As he famously said, “People don’t know what they want until you show it to them.” This is the international matchmaker at work. Our team searches through an extensive database of eligible singles for someone who meets the specific criteria you and your matchmaker put into place.Billion Dollar Introduction’s professional dating services aim to show you what you want so you have the best chance at love.


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